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Pain Relief in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

At Premier Wellness Group, we use medical chiropractic treatments for non-surgical management of pain after injury, auto accident, or overuse. If you experience pain in your back, neck, shoulder, knee, or other part of your body, our stem cell injection therapy can help you find relief.

What is Stem Cell Injection Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is effective at treating orthopedic, genetic, and spinal conditions as well as injuries and trauma due to the natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of stem cells. Only stem cells can transform into other types of cells to regenerate damaged tissue. Stem cell injections use your body's own stem cells to grow healthy new cells.

Our medical chiropractor harvests stem cells from your bone marrow. The stem cells found in bone marrow excel at repairing damage to cartilage, bone, ligaments, and tendons. So these are the best option for repairing cartilage in the knee, a tear to the shoulder muscle, worn tendons in the neck or back, and other physical ailments.

After harvesting your stem cells, we prepare them for therapeutic injection. The goal is to stimulate cellular repair in the body, so your levels of pain and stiffness decrease. The stem cells, once injected in your injury site, go about repairing damage and initiating growth. As a result of the injection, you may experience easier movement, improve range of motion, and more strength.

Compared with existing options such as steroid injections, stem cell injections are safe and effective. Since the cells are native to your body, there is no risk of unpleasant side effects, like there is when you use steroids.

Unlike physical therapy, which is often painful and lengthy, stem cell therapy works fast and does not put you in additional pain as part of healing. Stem cell therapy takes under 30 minutes and is a safe, effective way of managing pain and initiating recovery.

What Conditions Does Stem Cell for Pain Relief Treat?

If you hurt yourself playing sports, suffered a bad fall, or were hurt in an auto accident, stem cell treatments may play an important role in your recovery.

In addition to healing trauma in your knee, neck, back, shoulder, and spine, stem cell therapy can address many common conditions of aging. We have had success using this treatment method for spinal stenosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, bursitis, hip pain, tendinopathy, and muscle tears.

See a Fort Myers & Cape Coral Chiropractor

Are you interested in learning more about stem cell injection therapy and other non-surgical pain management methods? If so, please contact our chiropractic clinic. If it's your first visit to our chiropractic clinic, your initial consultation is FREE!


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