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Back Pain Treatment in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

Back pain affects adults of all ages and is one of the most common musculoskeletal problems impacting adults in Cape Coral and Fort Myers. If you're one of the many adults living with back pain in our community, the doctors at Premier Wellness Group can treat your pain at its source. With our non-invasive techniques and all natural approach to wellness, we can manage your pain and prevent future back injuries. 

Different Types of Back Pain

Back pain is often localized to a specific area where muscle strain or injury has occurred. Upper back pain often occurs as a result of ergonomic problems, car accident injuries and poor posture. Middle back pain can occur because of muscle strain and tension. Lower back pain is often the result of poor lifting techniques and poor posture. 

Back Pain Causes and Treatments in Cape Coral and Fort Myers 

There are many different reasons that people experience back pain in Cape Coral and Fort Myers. 

Chiropractic Treatments for Back Pain

There are many different types of treatments that we use at Premier Wellness Group to help patients manage their back pain and recover from injuries. Spinal adjustment is one of the most common techniques we employ to realign the vertebrae and restore functioning to the central nervous system. Spinal adjustment helps relieve pressure on the joints and muscles in the back, and can help the body heal from injuries.

In addition, we teach patients to do stretches and exercises to strengthen their muscles and help them avoid injuries. For patients who experience back pain because of ergonomic trouble, stress or weight problems, we administer lifestyle advice and nutrition counseling to help them live healthier. 

Contact Your Chiropractor in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

As your chiropractor in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, we can treat your back pain and improve your quality of life. Whether you're suffering from a chronic condition or a recent injury, the professionals at Premier Wellness Group can help. To make an appointment for all natural, non-invasive back pain treatment, contact us at (239) 573-7988.

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