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How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help Shoulder Pain

Are You Suffering From A Shoulder Injury In Cape Coral Or Fort Myers?

Have you experienced a shoulder or knee injury due to an auto accident, sports injury or arthritis-related issue? At Premier Wellness Group, we use the latest techniques and advancements the chiropractic lifestyle has to offer. Our chiropractor, Dr. King serves the greater Cape Coral and Fort Myers areas and is ready to help with non-surgical pain management featuring stem cell therapy to get you back to feeling like yourself.

Stem Cell Therapy For Shoulder Injury Pain Management And To Help You Heal

Dr. King takes an integrative medical approach to reach and treat the underlying cause of your pain. While our caring chiropractor wants to first provide relief care, his goal is to move you beyond pain management and toward healing.

The most common injuries to the shoulder include:

Shoulder and knee injuries are a common result of overuse, arthritic conditions, auto accident injury, occupational and sports-related injury. These types of injuries often affect tissues such as tendons, ligaments and joints. Our non-surgical approach using regenerative cellular therapy focuses on the body's own adaptive healing. Stem cells are derived from your body and then injected with the intention of healing the injured area over time. Dr. King focuses on offering the very best in chiropractic research and is proud to offer this type of healing therapy to his community of patients.

There are many non-surgical advantages to choosing stem cell therapy. The major advantage of using stem cell therapy to treat shoulder pain is not only its effectiveness, but also its convenience. In most cases you can return to your normal activities the same day of your injection (within limits). The other major advantage of this non-surgical approach is being able to avoid surgical downtime. Most surgeries require time off from work and lengthy rehabilitation.

At your visit we will harvest cells most commonly from the iliac crest of your hip. This non-painful procedure is performed by our doctor. Your cells are then separated to leave behind targeted stem cells to address the injury. Platelets are also extracted at this time and then reinjected into your body 3-5 ays later to help activate the stem cell response.

Ready to get real relief and an end in sight for your shoulder pain? We look forward to determining if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy. Please ask about our new client special when you call us.

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